University-Prep Curriculum

STEM Curriculum

Solving Problems with Confidence

The STEM curriculum is a focused advanced-studies program emphasizing critical thinking, teamwork and hands-on learning.

Students that incorporate the STEM advanced study program into their university-prep curriculum can successfully demonstrate STEM interest, knowledge and experience when applying to universities. The STEM program is a joint effort between the Math, Science and Material Technology departments. A STEM Certificate will be presented to qualifying students upon graduation. To receive a certificate, students must complete the following coursework in addition to all other graduation requirements and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.
Science: 4 credits including the following
STEM 1: Introduction to Engineering Design  (1/2 credit)
STEM 2: Environmental Science & Energy Sustainability 
One of Physics, AP Biology or AP Chemistry  
Material Technology: 2 credits including the following
STEM 3: Kinematics and System Design (1/2 credit)
STEM 4: Independent Project* (1/2 credit)
Math: 4 years of math 

STEM Course Descriptions

Introduction to Engineering Design
This first look at STEM introduces students to the relationship between coding, circuitry, hardware, and the scientific principles that allow them to work together efficiently. Students will work collaboratively to develop working mechanical and electrical systems that accomplish a certain task, and will measure their efficiency using scientific testing methods.
Prerequisite: None
Environmental Science & Energy Sustainability
Building on the foundations of STEM 1, STEM 2 applies STEM techniques to address environmental concerns. Students create devices including wind turbines, water turbines and solar trackers. Students then test and reconstruct their creations to find the most efficient way to accomplish an objective.
Building Information Modeling and 3D Design
STEM 3 continues to explore the environmental approach developed in STEM 2. In this course, students will investigate how multiple factors impact the environment. Students are encouraged to modify or reconstruct STEM 2 devices to achieve higher levels of efficiency or accomplish multiple objectives. 
Independent Project
This project will allow students to experience science and engineering practices first hand. Students will design an original scientific study or engineering project while working closely with an adult mentors from Lutheran South or the community. Emphasis will be placed on addressing real-world problems. Students will present the results of their work to the Lutheran South community demonstrating their understanding of scientific and design processes. 
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