University-Prep Curriculum

Challenged Academically

International students are challenged with a university-prep curriculum.

  • Diverse student body at both high schools reflects the community in most top American universities
  • Students presented with service opportunities that many top colleges look for in university admissions process
  • Broad range of university prep courses offered at both schools
  • Advanced mathematics courses selected to meet each student's needs and abilities
  • Experienced faculty members, with 75% - 85% having a master's degree
  • Opportunities to earn college credit through Advanced Placement courses, with credit accepted based on test score at most top universities
  • Opportunities to earn advanced college credit through St. Louis University, a Top 100 school; transferable to many top universities
  • Internships and programs with some of the top companies and organizations in St. Louis including Centene, Edward Jones, Ameren, Sigma Aldrich, and Washington University.
A unique American high school experience preparing you for university success.

Lutheran High School Association International Program

5401 Lucas and Hunt Road 
St. Louis, Missouri, USA